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Children of Malika is a non-profit association born from the desire of a group of young people to give a sign of solidarity aimed at the creation of a school and a multi-sports center to ensure that a community in Senegal, in the Municipality of Diass, can have a cultural and meeting center is available for her children and those of Malika.



A dream for life.

“In Italy in recent years we only hear about refugees fleeing war territories or worse situations. But there is no war in Senegal. Those who come to Italy come to try to earn what is necessary to build a house for the family, they come to Italy without knowing that Italy is not the great solution they expect.
Many times I have heard of aid to be sent, of associations that will then proceed, but the only real solution is to do something to help them, there in their country.
So I said to myself "Why not try?"
A school with a sports center, not just a football school, but an educational institution for the less well-off where they can also teach new subjects, new technologies and at the same time prepare athletes for Senegal in Senegal.
On April 29, 2019 the “Malika Children's Non-Profit Association” was born.
It will be a great challenge, but the will of all of us will be the drive, the engine to win the race against mistrust and even more so against the exploitation of Africa and its people. "

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